Sicily is a thousand faces place where astonishing landscapes, magnificent history and a blending of colours, smells, flavours and traditions show in all their splendor. Among many routes we recommend Catania city center, with its baroque “Duomo”, its “Castello Ursino”, the “Pescheria” and open-air-market’s folklore, the “Palazzo Biscari” ‘s elegance and the romanticism of its two maritime suburbs: Acicastello and Acitrezza. A particular mention for Bronte, where there is the castle of Nelson; Caltagirone, a splendid example of the Sicilian ceramic art; Taormina, one of the most important touristic center in Sicily; Piazza Armerina, with its mosaics and Agrigento with its suggestive “Valle dei Templi” and so on… Is it possible organizing itineraries to the places of major historic, cultural and turistic interest.