Trekking ETNA ( Half day ) &  ALCANTARA GORGE

€70 per person €65 Only Etna, half day


– 8:30. Pick-up from your accommodation with the vehicles of Etna Emotion, transfer to the sky station “Piano Provenzana”, 1800 meters above sea level, where we will visit the remains of the 2002 eruption which completely destroyed the ski resort. After a coffee and the equipment, will start the hike to the craters of the eruption of 2002 (duration about 3 hours trekking medium difficulty level, from 1800 to 2150 meters). A half-day experience to enjoy a 5-7 km path, from the end of the regular road to the volcanic deserts, crossing the amazing colors of the endemic vegetation. Walking among the volcanic cones of several recent eruptions, We will explore the lava flows of  the years 2002 and 1923 and the magnificent eruptive craters of the same years. After a short stop for lunch we will visit a running-magma cave, inside an old lava tube. – 15:00. Arrival in “Valle dell’Alcantara” where, after a general introduction to the Valley and the story of this important part of the island, we’ll visit the famous “Gorge”. Depending on the season, we can descend into the river, the beautiful scenery offered by the basaltic organ pipes that  the walls of the canyon. Required equipment for the excursion: hiking boots, wind-jacket, packed lunch and water, otherwise tell us in advance what you need ( €4 each for renting jacket and shoes). In winter the experience includes snowshoes and sticks.  Beachwear and beachshoes, we may walk in the river… or also barefoot. – Return at about 16:00 .

Tour ETNA & Wine Tasting

€90 per person


-Pick-up at 8:30, by car to the “Piano Provenzana” sky station (North, 1800 asl)

-Excursion easy / medium difficulty, about 2 hours

-Lunch and wine tasting in a local winery -Drop-off 16:00 \ 16:30

Guided excursion, on Jeep and by  foot, across the lateral eruptions on the North side of Etna. The paths that our guides will choose for you are always tailored to the weather conditions and the needs for each of our guest. Etna offers, however, a multitude of landscapes that make us always able to guarantee endless interesting alternatives, unforgettable lunar lava fields, the edges of vertiginous craters, flank eruptions, a spectacular spontaneous botanical scenery, old running magma caves. After the dust, the rocks and the colors through the paths of the North side, we jump on board our vehicles: a table waits for us at the vineyard where the efficient staff of the selected azienda will guide us in the degustation of their best production. An exemplary experience that leads perfectly in the world of fine Sicilian wines, Etna wines, unique grapes expertly presented in combination with a selection of local products, appetizers, vegetables, sausage…

TREKKING  ETNA  ( Full day to 2500 mt ) “Valle del Bove” and the landscapes of the North side

€85 per person


full day

– Pick-up at 8:00 from accomodation

– 9:30. Coffee, little briefing and start from Rif. Citelli (hiking level medium/difficult)

– 14/15:00. Snack and descent. Return about 17:00

The “Serracozzo” path on the North-East side of the park of Etna starts from the refuge Citelli, 1740 mt above sea level and it takes to the ridge of the “Bove” Valley. The hike begins from one of the most important hoods of the reserve and gradually gains the tree-line,  between birches and bushes, a very suggestive walk to discover a unique volcanic ecosystem. The first target is a runningmagma cave that is born near the source of the 1971 lava flow, helmets and torches provided by the guide. Then, a steaper stretch until an unforgettable point of vantage on the Valle del Bove, an immense depression on the eastern slope of the mountain, left by several structrural collapses under the previous volcanic formations in the last thousands years.  After a packed lunch, the trekking continues to the Mt Frumento crater, the second biggest of this volcano: a magnificient example of side-eruption in this complex volcanic system from where we can dominate another amazing landscape.  A run on the black ash will take us back to the refuge. In case of bad weather, alternative requests or any other reason, the plan of the day can be modified but it will be similar as target and program. Equip with proper clothes according to the season and the meteo conditions (expecially trekking shoes), water… and your good will.


ALCANTARA VALLEY – Natural-historical Tour

€75 per person


– 8:30 . Pick-up and transfer to the Alcantara Gorge from where the tour will start, then Francavilla, Castiglione di Sicilia and Mojo Alcantara.

– 13:30 . Typical lunch with “le Mamme del borgo” in Motta Camastra. Drop-off around 16:00.

Tourist destination for artists, historians and students from many parts of the world, attracted by the mysteries that this millennial culture still hides and by the deeds of those who crossed this valley in the past to reach the rest of the island. During the excursion we will go to find out why so many peoples fought to protect or conquer this territory surrounded by the mountains of Taormina and the Etna volcano.
First stop the Alcantara Gorges with its famous prismatic basalts that have amazed the visitor for centuries. We will then go up the Valley to the “Orgale caves” dating back to the pre-Hellenic period and from which we will enjoy a privileged panorama. In another stretch of the river we will find one of the most fascinating testimonies of the Byzantine domination, the “Cuba of Santa Domenica” near Castiglione di Sicilia.  The tour continues towards the town of Mojo Alcantara with its legendary Vulcanetto from the top of which (weather permitting) we will be able to admire practically the entire Alcantara Valley.  The “Mamme del borgo” of  Motta Camastra will welcome us for lunch with a table set for a typical local degustation, a small culinary journey, in good company, immersed in the suggestive medieval quartier of this authentic village. Bring closed shoes, water and snacks. The difficulty and duration of the walking sections will be organized by the guide depending on the group’s requests.


 TREKKING Alcantara  + Body Rafting ALLE GOLE minimo 4 partecipanti

€85 a persona. Solo Body Rafting €39 a persona, senza servizio pick-up.


– Ore 8:30 pick-up. Escursione tra i percorsi del parco fluviale dell’Alcantara ( sentiero “Le Gurne”, livello facile ).

–  Ore 12:00 Attività sportiva con attrezzatura tecnica ( muta in neoprene – caschetto – giacca fluviale – calzari in neoprene ) all’interno delle Gole di Motta Camastra, fra basalti colonnari e passaggi spettacolari.

Pick up in albergo ore 8:30, direzione Francavilla di Sicilia, comune della Valle Alcantara all’interno del quale inizia il sentiero “Le Gurne”. L’ escursione ha inizio nel territorio di Francavilla di Sicilia, nella parte alta del comune, subito sotto i resti dell’ antico castello. Il sentiero proposto è ricco di mulattiere, stradine, piccoli sentieri in terra battuta, muri a secco, ruderi di vecchi mulini , antichi edifici sacri e fortilizi militari, ponti, saje e canali utilizzati come supporto per vecchi lavori contadini, panorami e scenari naturali di una storia senza tempo, ed ancora il rigoglioso manto verde ( lunghezza percorso: 4 km ). Il Body Rafting consiste nel risalire a piedi le rapide del fiume nel suo tratto più affascinante, alternando la tranquilla passeggiata alle autentiche scalate tra i flutti delle cascate… e qualche tuffo dalle rocce.  Sempre accompagnati da esperte guide riconosciute dal CONI, in totale sicurezza, scoprendo luoghi incantati e segreti, trasportati dalla corrente tra le rocce levigate dall’acqua. L‘attività proposta può comportare variazioni sulla durata complessiva del escursione, pari a circa due ore. Rientro ore 16:00 circa. Dotarsi di acqua, spuntino, costume da bagno e telo mare.

 HYDROSPEED Alcantara river

min 4 persons – €60 per person


– Rendez-Vous at 9:00, main entrance to the Alcantara Reserve or pick-up from a conventional point.

– Approach to the starting point of the activity, dressing with neoprene suit, helmet, safety jacket, flippers and protections. Drop-off 15:00.

The Hydrospeed, compared to Body Rafting, faces the river down to the valley making use of a small bob that has the dual function of floating and impact protection against rocks in running water.  A funny and sporty way to explore the cold rapids of the Alcantara river with a little of adrenaline, discovering the secrets of an unique environment immersed in the luxuriant Alcantara Valley and the basalt walls of this legendary place. The Hydrospeed is a quite new experience in Sicily. Etna Emotion is glad to offer one of the few guided licensed by CONI in the area, reserved for youngs and adults with sufficient confidence in aquatic environments.. and in good physical shape. All the equipment is provided by the guide, total duration of about 4 hours in a stretch of river about 4 km long and in which the river gets narrower and widen continuously, passing rapids and jumps in not only volcanic traits that suddenly evolves into a slow and sweet flow where the shore relaxes on the sand … before changing again. A close encounter with nature, a new experience and full of emotions. Bring beachwear, towel, a change of clothes, snack and some water.

Natural Itinenary NEBRODI Mountains

min 4 persons €75 per person


– 8:00 tranfer from your accomodation to the starting point of the excursion nearby Cesarò

– Picnic on the shore of the “Biviere” Lake, immersed in the atmosphere of the high altitude wetland by more naturalistic interest in Sicil

– Visit to the Nelson Castle (Maniace Abbey) and return scheduled round 18:00.

 The Nebrodi  mounts represent, together with the Madonie and the Peloritani, the Sicilian Apennines defined by the Arabs as “an island in the island”. This area is amazing, full of beautiful forests, green mountain pastures, silent lakes and flowing streams that contrast with the more common image of an arid and dry Sicily.  The vegetation changes surprisingly from the sea level to the highest altitudes, revealing damp areas, lakes and forests. An excursion on the Nebrodi mountains promises to enjoy a lush and unspoiled nature but it also gives us the certainty to appreciate human settlements that have developed over the centuries genuine local products, preserved thanks to ritual procedures and the original rhythm of nature. This path is probably the most symbolic of the entire natural park, with magnificent views from the highest peaks of these mountains to the “ Rocche del Crasto” cliff and the sight on the Tyrrhenian coast togheter with the profiles of the Aeolian Islands . Trekking about 5 hours, easy/medium difficulty. Equipment needed: water, good shoes and jacket, the paths may have muddy bottom. Pic-nic offered by the guide.

Excursion PANTALICA Park – Valle dell’Anapo

min 4 persons €75 per person


– Appuntamento alle ore 8:00 e trasferta con i nostri mezzi verso i paesi di Sortino e Ferla

– Appointment at  8:00 am and transfer with our resources to the village of Sortino or Ferla

– After a coffee in town we will begin the tour in the hollow of the Reserve including a pic-nic on the border  of the Anapo river

– Visit of the Byzantine village  “San Nicolicchio” and “The prince’s palace” Anaktoron. Drop off around  18.00 .

The countryside of Syracuse with all its archeological richness, the largest in Europe, is the main reason why it’s worth to get lost in the curves of the Iblei Mountains’ roads, but surely not the only one.  The prehistoric site dating from the late Bronze Age (VIII-XIII BC) is distinguished by its thousands of burial caves that dot like honeycomb the walls of this huge Canyon carved and eroded by the Anapo river, one of longest perennial streams in Sicily that meets right here the  Calcinara and Bottigliera affluents. The archaeological site takes place in the karst limestone system of Southern Sicily, the white cliffs of these provinces have been plowed for over three hundred meters from the level of the highlands, the flora and fauna inside and around the Anapo Valley are uncomparable. A multitude of paths branch off from the various entrances, through old mule tracks, the route long an old railway or a more active trekking approach that can offer a more complete view of the Park; the environmental  visit in all the available paths mixes medieval and contemporary history to notions of archeology and biology, for all ages and all cultures. Equip with good shoes, jacket, drinks and beachwear ( in summer ). Pic-nic offered by the guide. On request, typical lunch with degustation of local products.

ETNA 3000 mt

€130 per person


– 8:30 pick-up and transfer to the ski station ( about 1900m of height )

– Climb by tourist vehicles to 2900 mt a.s.l. Then little guided trekking to 3000 mt.

– Visit of  a lava cave and lunch stop in Zafferana Etnea. Drop-off at about 15:00.

The easiest way to approach the roof of the Mediterranean sea, a half-day guided experience that will take us to the foot of the Etna summit craters. The explanation of the guide will accompany you to the ski resort from where, after a coffee, we will start with the tourist vehicles up to the maximum altitude allowed for the vehicles.  From here, still in the company of the guide, a little trekking up to 3000 meters above sea level (30/60 min, easy): the view is indescribable … it dominates over the recent side eruptions and slopes down to the sea and the cities on the coast, filtered by the perpetual degassing activity of Etna. Returning to the starting point at around midday, we will continue with a visit inside an old running-magma cave, equipped with protective helmets and torches.  Before the return there is always a lunch stop in the village of Zafferana Etnea or Linguaglossa (it depends on the mountain side where we will be). Considering the strong winds at high altitude and the unpredictability of the weather we recommend having a good windbreaker, long trousers, gloves, hat … The organizers will inform you and possibly provide you with what is necessary (upon request). This experience is naturally subject to limitations in the event of dangerous volcanic activity.

ETNA Top  – Summit Craters

€140 per person

top crateri

– 8:30 pick-up and transfer to the ski station ( about 1900m of height )

– Climb by tourist vehicles to 2900 mt a.s.l. Then hike by foot to the summit craters.

– Return down to the starting point totalli by foot. Drop-off at about 18:00.

The use of tourist vehicles (cableway and \ or bus 4×4) allows us to save a lot of time otherwise necessary to reach 3000m above sea level: from here, after a short briefing with the volcanological guide, the trek to the central crater of the volcano begins. The craters at the top are perpetually active, usually it is a quiet degassing from the typical white smoke that allows us to get closer to the dizzying edge of the mouths. The excursion is not very easy, the path, already very barren in itself, suffers from bad weather and frequent volcanic activities so you will walk uphill for a couple of hours on the rough rock and the black sand of the most recent eruptions (difference in altitude 350 m, medium / high difficulty) before conquering the summit. On the return, however, you will do without motor vehicles and the entire descent is on foot down to the ski resort, therefore a difference in height of over a thousand meters, from 3300 meters to 2000 ( about 4 hours ). The landscapes crossed along the return path will progressively gain life, gradually moving away from the high altitude deserts to the green valleys of the volcano. Equip with water, packed lunch and sports clothing suitable for the experience. All the extra equipment needed (hiking boots, helmet, sticks) is provided by the guide. This experience is naturally subject to limitations in the event of dangerous volcanic activity.

4 WINES TOUR – Degustation of the 4 mountain sides

€ 180 per person

tour 4 versanti

– 9:00 transfer to “Feudo Cavaliere”, winery in the South-west side of Etna

– 12:30 lunch and degustation in the winery “Nicosia”, South side

– 15:00 winery “La Gelsomina”, East side – 17:00 wine tasting in “Palmento Costanzo”, North side. Drop-off about 19:00.

The tour of the 4 sides offers a unique and exclusive experience, a journey, a cultural itinerary that will lead us to explore the best and oldest wine cellars of the volcano. Four wineries, one on each side, to get to know the distinctive features of the Etna wines and its changing landscapes, summarized in the reds of Nerello Mascalese and Cappuccio and the Catarratto, Carricante and Minnella grapes for the white labels, all endemic vines and, since 1968 , called DOC. In the selection offered we will also find them expertly assembled with other varieties of the Sicilian territory. In each cellar a selection of different labels: reds, whites, rosé and sparkling wines, all accompanied by samples of the local gastronomic production and the experience of the landlord producers. Not only wine … the tour will be an opportunity to get to know many historical and naturalistic curiosities of Etna; the guides who will accompany you along the tour are all recognized by the AIGAE (Italian Association of Environmental and Hiking Guides) and with many years of experience in the field of tourist guiding. Upon request, more detailed information can be provided about the visited companies and the wines we’ll taste. Confirmation of reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.

Full Day QUAD – Etna & Alcantara

Min 4 persons €120 per Quad, 2 persons


– 9:00 am pick-up and transfer to the Alcantara Gorge where we’ll board on the quad ( 2 seats )

– 12:30 lunch stop in the woods and visit of an old “running-magma cave”. Drop-off about 17:00 .

The quad experience, between the Alcantara Valley and Etna, leads us to explore one of the greenest and most prosperous regions of the whole Sicilian island. Starting from the bottom of the valley, after a coffee and a briefing with the guides, the excursion will take us to the maximum altitude reachable by motor vehicle on the  North side of Etna, on asphalt, green fields and on dirt paths covered with black ash. If initially we will move through the ancient streets of the Francavilla and Castiglione di Sicilia countryside, along the Alcantara river, we will then ascend through the volcanic rocks of Linguaglossa in narrow and dusty mountain paths that cut the woodland in every direction. Near the Ragabo Refuge, 1400 meters above sea level along the Mareneve road, the guide will accompany us inside a cavity formed during a recent lateral volcanic activity, a “running-magma cave”. After the packed lunch we will reach 1830 m above sea level at the Piano Provenzana ski resort; the impressive landscape crossed so far is of infinite variety, the fun and adrenaline aroused by pressing on the accelerator, however, will not prevent us from enjoying it. Bring good shoes, water and packed lunch. A bandana is recommended to cover the face while driving the Quad. Upon request, it is possible to reserve the typical lunch at the refuge


Min 4 persons €150 per Quad, 2 persons

etna e quad

– 8:00 . pick-up and transfer to Etna for a half day excursion

– 14:30 . Quad tour in the paths of the Alcantara Valley ( 2 seats each quad, about 2 hours ).

The day’s program is proposed as a combined experience in full activity and movement: in the morning on the paths of the Etna Park, a guided trekking of about 3 hours (medium difficulty, hiking about 300m) to reach the peaks of the pyroclastic craters formed during the majestic lateral eruptions that exploded in more recent times from the North side (year 2002, 1923, 1911 …). Then stop for a packed lunch ( 13:00 ) near the ski resort of Piano Provenzana recently rebuilt after the lava flow in 2002. The day continues towards the Alcantara Valley from where the Quad excursion will begin: It starts from the entrance of the Gorges, in the direction of Motta Camastra, along an old road and through suggestive itineraries to the selected points of vantage offered by this surprising place. On the way back we can stop in the small town of Motta Camastra, of great charm for its impervious medieval position and famous for having worn the role of Corleone narrated in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather”. Return time expected around 6:00 pm . Bring good shoes, water and packed lunch. A bandana is recommended to cover the face while driving the Quad. The tour can be combined with a quad excursion on the Etna paths, instead of  Alcantara


Min 4 persons €85 per person

il padrino

9:00 am . Pick-up and tranfer to the little town of Savoca

-12:00 . Visit of Forza d’Agro, legendary location of Bar Vitelli; then we move to Motta Camastra

– 14:00 . Typical lunch offered by Le Mamme del borgo. Drop-off around 17:00 .

Nowadays more a legend than just a cult movie, even considered as a stereotype of the Sicilian culture, the film that has attracted visitors from all over the world for almost fifty years has been shot in some of the most interesting medieval villages in the Taormina district. The first stop is the town of Savoca, elected “Borgo dei borghi” in 2008 ( award for the best village of Italy ) and therefore the famous Bar Vitelli (Palazzo Trimarchi, where Michael Corleone contracted the courtship of Apollonia with the future father-in-law) and a short visit of the historical center and the Capuchin Convent with the underground catacombs of the 16th century. Later, in the nearby town of Forza d’Agrò, we will look for the places of the marriage between Michael and Apollonia or some shots that appear in the second chapter of the colossal and… the ancient monastery, the castle, the medieval quarter … The view on the sea and countryside is truly poetic. At lunchtime, the day continues in the town of Motta Camastra, which is shown as one of the first “Corleone” sets in the director’s imagination, pierced like a diamond in the walls of the Alcantara Valley. In this splendid scenario, we’ll join the “Mamme del borgo” who will offer lunch with tasting of typical local products and recipes. Confirmation of reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.